In PHENOMENA, we reinvent the approach to self-care by bringing your beauty treatments to the next level of professionalism.

Innovative equipment, a team of experts, and divine service will make your stay with us exceptional. From now on, image beauty, aesthetics, SPA, and semi-medical services will be available within reach in a single place right in the heart of Amsterdam. We invite you to reevaluate the principle of treating yourself with us and receive a unique experience of luxurious beauty service!


The Brand Name

Our Concept

PHENOMENA literally means an uncommon occurrence or anything that attracts a lot of curiosity and attention. The name accurately portrays our purpose: being exceptional in our area of expertise, a place clients desire to return to soon after their treatments.

Beauty is a Reflection of your Inner World – your Health, your Mind, your Feelings, your Confidence

Our Philosophy

PHENOMENA in itself is a wonder, something spectacular and unique. Behind the literal meaning is our idea: making our clients feel phenomenal, special, and extraordinary. We are against all standards and stereotypes - we create our own reality for women and men of all ages. The conscious attitude toward health, beauty, and mindfulness matters the most. Combining exclusivity and an irreplaceable part of your life, we aim to master the art of appreciating yourself in the moment.

PHENOMENA Art of feeling beauty

PHENOMENA Maison of Beauty and Health provides a variety of unique range of services and an international team, with our #1 priority being to enhance your natural beauty and creating an unforgettable experience of harmony and relaxation.

Our Mission

To provide unique experience in full range of beauty, semi-medical and spa services.

Our Purpose

As a team, we are dedicated to our guests’ health, beauty, and peace of mind. PHENOMENA is a unique space created to provide high-end aesthetic services with maximum efficiency.


Our Values

Passion & Care

The project started as an idea, a great desire to make a significant change and give a new meaning to your treatments. As a team, we project these ideals in everything we accomplish. PHENOMENA aims to deliver the best possible result and hospitality for our client’s satisfaction. One of our morals is customer-centricity, particularly concerning people’s needs and desires.

Equality & Respect

Individuality is what we praise in our community. As our team is diverse and international, we make sure to embrace each and every one of our employees and visitors.


PHENOMENA always keeps improving the quality of the service with constant stafftraining, discovering the newest equipment, and collaborating with the best brands in the beauty industry to deliver satisfactory results. Innovation is key!


The assortment of working techniques, a team of professionals, innovative services, and awelcoming atmosphere make your time spent with us unique and memorable.

Attention to details

From the scent of our space to the quality of your procedures, details are of great importance to us!


Honesty and transparency are one of the company’s main principles. We are always open about our services, starting with the brands we use and ending with the procedure techniques themselves.

PHENOMENA is my biggest challenge,
my first business project and my first ‘baby’

— Yulia Reznichenko, Founder of PHENOMENA Maison Beauty and Health

Our Founder

Beauty rituals have always had a special place in her life. After 14 years of experience in the finance industry, she decided to begin an entrepreneurial path to make an impact in the beauty industry. For Yulia, treating yourself is not a luxury but a necessity that supports health and natural beauty, which is the primary purpose of PHENOMENA.

Our Team

Employed according to the international standards.The key to success is constant improvement and innovation.They are the impersonation of PHENOMENA’s ideals.The satisfaction of a client comes first.

Signature project for
Discover Our Location...

As a team that pays precise attention to details, we value the aesthetics of our space

Our Space

Our clients must feel at home while getting an experience of PHENOMENA treatments, services and high luxury atmosphere.

Studio Linse has created an interior design for PHENOMENA Maison being inspired by natural materials and textures of wood, silk, and stone, creating a maximum feeling of authenticity, comfort, and aesthetical satisfaction.

The philosophy of Studio Linse is to create bespoke interiors celebrating the personality of its host, with respect to the past, enjoying the present, and looking forward to the future. “Noble Simplicity” covers the style of Studio Linse that just loves to design spaces to look out for and to always want to come back to.